The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about Desktop Cray. These are candid and largely unedited comments. They express both satisfaction and super-satisfaction, and that's a good thing. We want and need honest, direct responses.
-LinuxWeek Magazine

Desktop Cray is so fast it needs a parachute!

One Word: Superterrific!
-Arthur Millhouse

I can barely recognize my G4 now, how on earth did this not make the keynote?

I've had a 500-600% speed increase, and rate my machine at a Quad-processor 60 Gigabit rate. What with the Altivec processing, I'm getting nearly 200 teraflops. That is so fast that Photoshop is applying filters before I even ask for them.
-S. C. Fish

Best of MacWorld SF!

This software has changed my life...
-D. Lama

Very good Software... I use it everyday now.

It's refreshing to see such wonderful software that really performs as promised and delivers the goods..

Since our processors have slipped slightly behind the competition, this release has been timed perfectly.

These forum threads and posts are read by the admin... that's great! Desktop Cray is a solid product. Again, it's amazing, all it does is done fast inside a small window with a heap of switches that do amazing things.
-William Beoncé

It just proves that great things can come in small packages... and it's free!
-Susan T.

What is this amazing program that blinks virtual lights?
-Wired Review

This thing is really clever. Really.
-MNN Networks Inc. excellent program. I have solved Fermat's Last Theorem and am now up to the googolth digit of pi.

Gracias por el Software chicos, esto es increible. No veas como gamba!
-A. Tilla

By using 'Desktop Cray', we are able to increase our computing throughput by 2.5 times. Why? Because the Desktop Cray's communications architecture was designed from the ground up for high-speed networking... our PC's our now little supercomputer monsters that really scream
.-Bio Defense Project (BDP).

Desktop Cray is exactly where I wanted to see Cray go all those years ago...

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